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Essential things to do after you get engaged

If you are newly engaged and the owner of a gorgeous new ring on your left hand, firstly let me wish you a huge congratulations! I am beyond excited to welcome you on one of the most exciting journeys of your entire life. Secondly, I’m also here today to offer you a helping hand about where to even begin! Every couple is different, which is why no timeline is ever the same and there isn’t a strict schedule or set rules that you need to stick to or follow. However, as a Luxury Wedding Planner with decades’ worth of experience, I can certainly offer some helpful guidance to get you ready for the next steps…

Tell Everyone!

It’s the most AMAZING news, so if you haven’t already… share it! Whether you want to really enjoy the moment and keep it between yourselves for a bit, or you can’t wait to tell the world, it is important that you do tell your inner circle before you post it on social media. This would include your parents, any other immediate family and your closest friends. When your nearest and dearest know the news, it’s time to press ‘post’ on Instagram! 

Savour The Moment

Don’t feel you have to begin the wedding planning process immediately if you don’t want to. There is no rulebook, and if you just want to stop and savour being engaged, you should. Or if you want to go all out and celebrate like crazy, any excuse for an engagement party?!

The Wedding To Do List

When you’re ready get organised on the wedding planning front, it’s time to start thinking about a wedding to do list. You’ll find lots of beautifully curated inspirational blogs and handy venue and supplier directories. If you’d like a helping hand planning your big day, now is the time to reach out and to contact a planner. You can find out more about my destination wedding planning services here, or drop me a quick message and let’s talk! Within your ‘getting organised’ phase, it is important that you set a date and book a venue. This will allow you to begin ticking other items off your checklist, such as suppliers, trials etc. 

Set Your Priorities

Your wedding day is all about prioritising what is important to you! Set a budget and prioritise the areas of your wedding day that will mean the most to you – whether that’s the food, the music, the dress, the photography etc. This will also mean you can start shortlisting suppliers who you feel suit your style, budget and have availability for your date. I suggest taking some time out to sit down together and discuss where you want to spend your budget before you actually book anything! 

Now you’re ready to get planning! Don’t forget to follow me over on Instagram for ALL the destination wedding pretty, keep up-to-date with the latest planning advice on the blog, or to get in touch with me for enquiries. 

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